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Folow us

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Theres no other way but the twenty percent way! One referral = 20% return.

Connections matter. We make it a point to value referrals.

The affiliate program is simple. We believe in referrals.

The fastest growing recommendation is still word of mouth (in our opinion). No matter the abundance of referrals that we can use with marketing and online advertising, we have learned the best clients to have are the ones that our clients have shown their pleasure with us. We don’t run sales and promotions. Our philosophy is to provide a premium service to clients that will bring their projects to life and promote longevity of our relationship. We will take our clients as far as we can and then gladly watch them graduate to another plateau. This reward program proves to be the greatest form of giving back to our clients and their vision. We let our work put our money where our portfolio is.

  • KP Affiliate
  • $ 20
    • % of total amount spent
    • Bonus given at close of project
    • Can be forwarded to own project
  • KP Client
  • $ 35
    • 15% discount on future project
    • 20% at close of referral project
    • applicable to monthly power pkgs

Our system is simple

The rule is 35%. When a client brings us a referral then we make sure we show our appreciation with giving them a immediate 15% discount on their current project if they have one. They also accrue a 20% financial reward based on the referrals project completion.