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Folow us

We live to enhance your perspective!

Your audience is only aware of what you show them. Our expertise is in enhance your brand to bring the vision you have to life before their eyes.
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Nestled among two world-class shopping centers, Kratos Produktions is located on the 5th floor of the Tysons WeWork building. Because of the ambience WeWork provides we boast a modern studio in a family-friendly part of town. There’s easy access to parking, bike racks, the Metro, and bus transit make commuting to us the easiest part of your consult. We look forward to meeting with you.

Located in the building on Jay street Kratos Produktions has the ability to be housed in the same space as a house of worship (victory loving Christian faith center). Mostly our clients are referred to our Tyson’s headquarters location but Upstate New York is pivotal considering that’s where we started our company journey in 2012.

Learn how our affiliate program allows you to provide us with projects and you earn money. Perhaps you can secure your project with referrals for us.